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Museveni Decries ‘Cowardly’ Attack Claiming Honeymooners’ Lives in Ugandan Park

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni condemned a heart-wrenching attack in Queen Elizabeth National

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Uganda: President Museveni Announces a Very Ambitious Nuclear Project

This week, President Yoweri Museveni declared the initiation of the construction of

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Ugandans Embrace Qatar as a Second Home: A Remark from Museveni Advisor

Ambassador Hajji Abbey Walusimbi, the Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, engaged

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Museveni Urged to Explore Peace Talks for ADF Crisis Beyond Military Approach

In the aftermath of President Museveni's address on the ADF attack in

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President Museveni Voices Frustration Over Poor Road Conditions, Vows Consequences

During his convoy journey to Kaweweta Recruit Training School, President Museveni of

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President Museveni Elevates 1,638 Police Officers in a Remarkable Promotion Drive

President Museveni has undertaken the momentous task of promoting 1,638 gazetted police

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President Museveni Announces Over 500 ADF Fighters Eliminated in Joint Operation

President Museveni delivered a significant update during his State of the Nation

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Museveni Takes Stand Against Saboteurs of Government Programs

President Museveni expressed his disappointment with individuals and government officials who sabotage

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