African Society news is a category that covers the social aspects of life in Africa. It provides in-depth insights into the trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the continent’s diverse communities. The category features stories on topics such as family life, education, religion, health, food, and entertainment, as well as discussions on gender equality, poverty, and human rights issues. African Society News is an important category for understanding the dynamic and evolving nature of African societies and the people who make up these communities. Whether exploring the rich cultural heritage of Africa, or reporting on the latest developments in urbanization and modernization, African Society offers a comprehensive and nuanced view of this fascinating and complex region.

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Gao, Mali: Naata City Welcomes Displaced Persons and Refugees

In Gao, northern Mali, the newly established Naata City is now welcoming

Soukaina Soukaina

Sexual Violence: “When You Destroy Children, You Also Destroy the Future of the Country”

Dr. Denis Mukwege, the Congolese gynecologist and 2018 Nobel Peace Prize laureate,

Soukaina Soukaina

Tabaski.. Financial Strain Amidst Festive Celebrations

West Africans call it Tabaski but the entire Muslim community regards it

Soukaina Soukaina

Over 10 Million Displaced by War Within Sudan, says International Organization for Migration

More than 10 million people have been forced to relocate to Sudan

Soukaina Soukaina

Burundi: Displaced Concubines Share Harrowing Experiences

A crackdown on cohabitation has been underway for several months as part

Soukaina Soukaina

Ghana: A Report Highlights Low Amount of Waste in Imported Second-Hand Clothing

Is Ghana becoming the graveyard for fast fashion from the Northern countries?

Soukaina Soukaina

Fatal Hit-and-Run Incident Claims Life of Woman in Anambra

A tragic incident unfolded along the Awka-Onitsha Expressway in Anambra as a

Soukaina Soukaina

GITEX Africa 2024: A Journey of Discovery and Connection

GITEX Africa 2024: A Journey of Discovery and Networking Marrakech, May 29-31,

Ali Ochan Ali Ochan

Anti-Homosexuality Law in Uganda.. A Climate of Perpetual Fear within the LGBT+ Community

In late May 2023, the Ugandan presidency announced the enactment of the

Soukaina Soukaina

Policeman Fatally Shoots 40-Year-Old Man in Bayelsa

A tragic incident occurred in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, where

Soukaina Soukaina