Museveni Urged to Explore Peace Talks for ADF Crisis Beyond Military Approach

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In the aftermath of President Museveni’s address on the ADF attack in Kasese, experts are urging the government to consider peace negotiations as a viable solution, diverging from a sole reliance on military measures.

The devastating attack at Lhubiriha Secondary School claimed the lives of 43 people, including students. While President Museveni maintains the belief that the ADF is weak and can be eradicated through regional collaboration using military, intelligence, and diplomatic means, Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha argues that after decades of futile attempts, exploring peaceful resolutions is of paramount importance.

Dr. Bainomugisha emphasizes the potential for a win-win situation for both sides through peaceful approaches, asserting that military options often lead to victors and losers. However, Fred Egesa disagrees, considering peace negotiations implausible with an international terrorist group like the ADF, and instead advocates for their elimination through military operations. Egesa points out the ADF’s links to international terrorist alliances, such as Al-Shabaab, making dialogue-less feasible.

President Museveni acknowledged intelligence lapses contributing to the attack and called for locating ADF remnants and their plans. Though experts commend his awareness of the security forces’ shortcomings, they hope immediate measures will be taken to rectify the situation.

Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Abdala Kiwanuka, highlights the ongoing suffering of innocent citizens at the hands of the rebels, underscoring the urgent need for government engagement in dialogue to find a resolution and avoid being perceived as complicit in the conflict.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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