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Remote Work Revolution.. Anticipating 92 Million Jobs Shifted by 2030

A groundbreaking white paper released by the World Economic Forum in collaboration

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Gabon: Tax Declaration and Payment Go Digital

The era of cash and check tax declarations and payments at counters

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DRC: Underserved Areas Await State Investment in Telecommunications

Only a quarter of the Congolese territory is covered by modern technologies,

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Challenge App Afrique: Divin Kouebatouka Wins the 2024 Edition

The "Green Box" is a system of solar-powered cold rooms, managed by

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Trump’s Media Company Valued at Nearly $9.6 Billion as Shares Soar in Debut

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) witnessed a remarkable debut on the

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Internet Outage in Africa.. Why Gabon Managed Better?

Gabon has also felt the impact of the internet outage affecting several

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40 Million Phone Lines Deactivated as SIM-NIN Deadline Expires

Over the weekend, telecommunication operators in Nigeria took the drastic step of

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EU Watchdogs Raise Concerns Over Meta’s Ad-Free Subscription Model

European Union watchdogs have raised significant concerns regarding tech giant Meta's ad-free

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Guinea’s Conakry Airport Website Hacked by Anonymous 224

The website of Conakry Airport remained inaccessible on Thursday evening, February 8th.

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Sudan: Chaotic Internet Connectivity Leaves Population Heavily Impacted

As of Tuesday, February 6th, internet connectivity remained in disarray across Sudan.

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