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Top 10 African Countries Offering the Best Digital Quality of Life in 2023

The 2023 edition of the Global Digital Quality of Life Index, compiled

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

CyberSavanna: Africa’s Digital Revolution and Economic Renaissance

Africa, often hailed as the "mobile continent," is witnessing a remarkable transformation

Mouad Boudina Mouad Boudina

Apple Unveils Its Most Expensive iPhone Yet

In a recent announcement, Apple introduced its latest iPhone series, the "iPhone

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China Unveils Public Access to “Ernie Bot”, Placing It Under the Watchful Eye of Censors

On Thursday, August 31st, the Chinese internet and technology giant Baidu announced

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Somalia Bans TikTok and Telegram to Counter Terrorist Propaganda

To curb the spread of "terrorist" propaganda, the Somali government announced on

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Apple Issues Warning to iPhone Users Ahead of iOS 17 Release

The American tech giant, Apple, has issued a warning to iPhone users

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Ugandan Government Slashes Internet Costs by 50% to Foster Digital Inclusion

The Ugandan government has announced a groundbreaking reduction in internet costs by

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Google and Verve Partner to Empower Nigerians on Play Store

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Google has joined forces with Verve, Africa's largest

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Twitter’s Rebranding: From Bird to “X”

The microblogging platform, Twitter, made a significant change by altering its official

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Burkina Launches Platform to Pay Fines Online and Avoid Corruption of Officers

In Burkina Faso, a platform for paying traffic tickets directly by phone

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