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Burkina Faso.. Enhancement of Allowances for Civilian Militia Supporting the Army

The Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP), civilian auxiliaries aiding

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Mozambique: Life Resumes in Palma Over Two Years After Ansar Al-Sunna Jihadist Insurrection

The city of Palma in the Cabo Delgado province is gradually coming

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Benin’s Response to Terrorism in its Northern Region Since 2022

Terrorist attacks have been targeting Benin's northern region since 2019. To counter

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Mali: Several Attacks by Suspected Jihadists in Sévaré, in the Center of the Country

In Mali, suspected jihadists carried out several attacks this Saturday, April 22nd

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Mali: Attack by Suspected Jihadists Against a Military Camp in Sévaré

In Mali, three strong explosions were heard very early in the morning

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Mali: New Surge of Displaced People from Ménaka to Kidal

In Mali, the progression of the Islamic State group in the Ménaka

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Nigeria: The Borno Model for Ending Jihadism

In Nigeria, the Hajj camp brings together former jihadists or their ex-hostages.

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Ten civilians were slain in a jihadist strike in Mogadishu, and Somali forces retaliate.

In response to an attack on a home in the Abdiasiz neighborhood

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Mali: 2 dead in jihadist attack in western Mali

Jihadist violence continues in Mali with several victims. Indeed, the latest terrorist

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”jihadists and not Islamist rebels”.. Burkina Faso scolds France24

After describing jihadists as Islamists, France 24 receives a notice from the

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