Benin’s Response to Terrorism in its Northern Region Since 2022

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Terrorist attacks have been targeting Benin’s northern region since 2019. To counter jihadist groups aiming to expand from the Sahel to the Gulf of Guinea, Benin’s authorities have taken proactive measures by implementing a multifaceted response, including the military operation “Mirador.”

Since 2019, northern Benin has witnessed multiple terrorist attacks. These groups, originating from Sahelian countries, seek to extend their influence towards the Gulf of Guinea. In response to this threat, Benin has adopted a comprehensive strategy, primarily focused on military measures.

In early 2022, following an attack on a military post near the border with Burkina Faso, the Beninese military launched “Operation Mirador” to combat terrorism and secure its borders.

Securing the Northern Territories

Comprising approximately 3,000 personnel, “Operation Mirador” is deployed in the northern departments of Benin. These areas include rural regions housing the two prominent national parks, Pendjari and W, currently closed to tourists due to insecurity.

A special recruitment drive to enlist 5,000 additional individuals began this year to bolster manpower.

The soldiers of “Operation Mirador” meticulously patrol this territory, with the primary goal of preventing armed group incursions and their potential southward movement.

The areas most vulnerable to attacks are currently those bordering Burkina Faso to the west. Lieutenant Colonel Assouma Abdouraoufou, the commander of the inter-armed tactical group for the western zone of “Operation Mirador,” emphasizes that the military response has evolved significantly.

Benin’s response to these security challenges underscores its commitment to safeguarding its citizens and preserving stability in the face of regional threats. It is a testament to the nation’s dedication to maintaining peace and security in the Gulf of Guinea region.


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