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Zambia: Drought in Southern Africa a Key Issue at Kavango-Zambezi Summit

Zambia hosted the summit for KaZa, the transboundary conservation area of Kavango-Zambezi,

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Morocco Faced Drought, Rising Prices, and Water Crisis in 2023

Morocco faced a challenging year marked by drought, rising prices, and food

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Unprecedented Drought Challenges Morocco: Implications of Rainfall Shortages

Morocco is currently facing one of its worst drought waves, experiencing a

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Food Insecurity Crisis in East Africa Deepens in 2022

Unusual and prolonged drought in the Horn of Africa, record flooding in

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Report Reveals Link between Record Drought in Horn of Africa and Global Warming

A scientific report by the World Weather Attribution (WWA), published on Thursday,

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Horn of Africa: Millions of Lives Threatened by Worst Drought in History

The lives of millions of people in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia,

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Surviving Ramadan in Somalia: Drought Drives Up Prices

In Somalia, the drought has worsened the food situation of citizens, especially

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Somalia: Study says Drought Could Lead to 135 Deaths a Day

A study published by the Somali Ministry of Health, the World Health

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Recent rainfalls fill Moroccan dams by 30 percent

After two years of severe drought in Moroccan, the Minister of Equipment

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