Report Reveals Link between Record Drought in Horn of Africa and Global Warming

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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A scientific report by the World Weather Attribution (WWA), published on Thursday, revealed that the historic drought in the Greater Horn of Africa is linked to a lack of rain and high temperatures.

Global warming is the result of the consequences of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the study added.

The WWA is a global network of scientists, founded by leading climate scientists, that is immediately assessing the link between extreme weather events and climate change.

Agricultural drought in the Horn of Africa has become 100 times more likely due to climate change caused by human activities, the report, to which 19 scientists contributed, revealed.

Since late 2020, countries in the Horn of Africa have been experiencing their worst drought in 40 years. Five failed agricultural seasons have killed millions of livestock and destroyed crops.

The report then proved the close link between climate change and rising temperatures that have influenced the region and caused a severe and exceptional drought.

Jihan Rmili

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