Ivory Coast: Heavy Rains Cause Fatalities and Significant Damage

Torrential rains in the southeastern regions, including the District of Abidjan, Sud-Comoé,

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Floods Hit Greater Lomé as Rainy Season Begins in Togo

The onset of the rainy season in Togo has already brought several

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EU Issues Formal Warning to Senegal Over Illegal Fishing Practices

The European Union has issued a formal "yellow card" to Senegal on

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Zambia: Drought in Southern Africa a Key Issue at Kavango-Zambezi Summit

Zambia hosted the summit for KaZa, the transboundary conservation area of Kavango-Zambezi,

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Papua New Guinea Landslide Catastrophe.. Over 2,000 Feared Buried

In a devastating landslide in Papua New Guinea, over 2,000 individuals are

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Mangrove Ecosystems Face Imminent Collapse by 2050, Warns IUCN

More than half of the world's mangrove ecosystems could face collapse by

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Kenyan Beekeepers Raise Alarm Over Excessive Pesticide Use

On this World Bee Day, Kenyan beekeepers are sounding the alarm about

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Floods in Burundi.. Displaced People in Search of Relief

Devastating floods are currently ravaging several regions of East Africa, placing Burundi

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Over 200 Dead in Afghanistan Floods

Tragic news unfolds as the death toll from sudden floods in northern

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Comoros Floods: Government Assesses Damage with International Partners

The government of Comoros has convened its partners, including Morocco, France, the

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