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Riding the Digital Wave: How Africa is Shaping the Future of Internet Development

Africa has been experiencing significant growth in internet usage and Internet development

Mouad Boudina Mouad Boudina

Cameroon: Consumer Phones in “Airplane Mode” to Denounce Operator Tariffs

In Cameroon, since April 24th, 2023, consumers have put their mobile phones

maryam lahbal maryam lahbal

Twitter’s Blue Ticks Reinstated on Some Accounts After Paid Subscription Rollout

Twitter's blue ticks, once a symbol of authenticity and fame, were reinstated

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Twitter’s ‘Blue Tick’ Update: Nigerian Celebrities and Politicians Lose Verification

Twitter has made a major announcement that starting today, Friday, April 21,

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

African Influencers Trained and Supported by Meta, The Main Company of Facebook and Instagram

Meta has decided to support the new generation of African content creators.

maryam lahbal maryam lahbal

Cybercrime Costs South Africa R2.2 Billion Annually

Cybercrime costs the South African economy an estimated R2.2 billion rand per

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Expert warns of Vulnerability of Municipal employees to Cyber Attacks

During a digital forum held by the South African Local Government Association

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

The Rise of AI: Understanding the Advancements and Challenges

In recent years, the phrase "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) has become increasingly popular

Mouad Boudina Mouad Boudina

Africa Failed to Develop Agriculture with Science and Technology

The former President of Nigeria asserted on Sunday that Africa has failed

maryam lahbal maryam lahbal

Why Morocco is Poised to be a Major Tech Hub in Africa

Over the past few years, Morocco has been making significant strides in

Mohamed El yabbouhi Mohamed El yabbouhi