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Sudan: Chaotic Internet Connectivity Leaves Population Heavily Impacted

As of Tuesday, February 6th, internet connectivity remained in disarray across Sudan.

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The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in IT Recruitment Strategies

In the dynamic realm of Information Technology (IT) recruitment, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Meta Phases Out Controversial Ad Targeting Options, Promises Compensation

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has recently declared its decision to

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Guinea: Bloggers Association Advocates for Lifted Restrictions on Social Media Access

The Association of Bloggers in Guinea (Ablogui), along with web activists, has

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Guinea: 40 Days Without Internet, Significantly Impacting Economy

Guinea has been grappling with restricted internet access for the past 40

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Debate Over Militarized AI Takes Center Stage in Africa during U.S. Diplomat Paul Dean’s Tour

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the military sector has become

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Cyberattacks.. A Comprehensive Guide to Cybersecurity Resilience

Cyberattacks are considered a menace in this era, necessitating caution in a

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The Tech Renaissance Reshaping Africa’s Urban Horizons

In recent years, Africa has been witnessing a remarkable transformation in its

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5G Deployment in Morocco Faces Delay Amid Global Sporting Event Preparations

In anticipation for the launch of 5G internet service in Morocco, the

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Morocco Faces Escalating Cybersecurity Challenges: Government Data Reveals Surge in Cyber Attacks

Official figures for the year 2023 exposed a notable surge in cyber

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