Gabon: Tax Declaration and Payment Go Digital

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Tax Declaration

The era of cash and check tax declarations and payments at counters is over. Henceforth, taxpayers will file their declarations and make payments online. Computers and mobile phones will need to be equipped with a specific Mobile Money application. The General Tax Directorate has launched the Digitax portal this week, a digital service for e-declarations and e-payments.

The Ministry of Economy and Participations gathered several businessmen from the country in a lavish hotel in the capital to announce the dematerialization of tax declarations and payments in Gabon.

All economic operators are urged to familiarize themselves with Digitax, the portal set up for this purpose.

“Digitax responds to a desire to digitize and modernize tax collection, simplify taxpayers’ declaration processes, and better organize tax reimbursements to the Treasury,” stated Mays Mouissi, Minister of Economy.

From now on, Digitax is mandatory for companies with a turnover above 60 million CFA francs, equivalent to 91,000 euros. Small and medium-sized enterprises have until next September to adapt to this new system.


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