Guinea’s Conakry Airport Website Hacked by Anonymous 224

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The website of Conakry Airport remained inaccessible on Thursday evening, February 8th. Instead of the homepage, a message calling for the liberation of the internet in Guinea was displayed in the morning. Since the end of November, certain social media platforms have been inaccessible without a VPN. The group behind the attack identifies itself as “Anonymous 224”.

“Free the internet, the internet is a right,” reads the slogan that began appearing yesterday morning on Conakry Airport’s homepage before it became completely inaccessible. The website fell victim to a cyberattack aimed at sending a message to the country’s authorities.

“The people of Guinea are experiencing serious violations of their fundamental rights,” state those identifying themselves as Anonymous 224, a name inspired by the renowned cyberactivist movement deeply engaged in advocating for freedom of expression.

The individuals who took control of the airport website denounce the current restrictions affecting social media and certain media outlets in Guinea. “Faced with these regressive practices, Anonymous has decided to take action. We refuse to remain silent in the face of oppression,” asserts the perpetrators of the cyberattack.

Was this the work of a group of Guineans based in Guinea? Or were foreign hackers behind this operation? In any case, further attacks may occur. The group issues a threat, concluding their message with these words: “This is just a taste.”


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