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Deteriorating Food Crisis in Tigray, Ethiopia: Worsened by Suspension of World Food Programme

Ethiopia has been grappling with a deepening humanitarian crisis for nearly four

Soukaina Soukaina

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Extends Apology to Tigray Followers Over Devastating War

The Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has issued a profound

Soukaina Soukaina

Ethiopia: Six Months After the Peace Agreement in Tigray, Significant Challenges Persist

It was six months ago to the day that Ethiopia experienced a

Soukaina Soukaina

Ethiopia: The New Civilian Transitional Government has Taken Office in Tigray

In Ethiopia, it was an important and expected step in the implementation

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Borrell: EU and US to “Gradually” Re-Establish Relations with Ethiopia

The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep

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Ethiopia Drops Criminal Charges Against Tigray People’s Liberation Front

The Ministry of Justice in Ethiopia has declared that all charges against

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Ethiopia Claims the Peace Plan Included in the Establishment of a Temporary Government in Tigray

The establishment of an interim administration for Tigray, Ethiopia's northernmost region, is

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The African Union wants a political dialogue between the belligerents

More than three months after the peace deal that ended a bloody conflict in the north of the country, the African Union (AU) has called for a "political dialogue" between the Ethiopian

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Ethiopia announces sending funds to restore banking activity in Tigray

In a tweet, Abiy Ahmed's National Security Advisor Redwan Hussein announced on

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Ethiopia: The Tigray forces withdraws 65% of its fighters from the battle lines

A month after the ceasefire agreement in the northern region of Ethiopia,

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