The King welcomes the fruitful Moroccan-Chinese cooperation in various fields

King Mohammed VI sent a message of congratulations to the President of

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

The Netherlands imposes “Western” sanctions on Moroccan women who benefit from social assistance

The Dutch authorities issued a penalty against Moroccan women who benefit from

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

John Lennon’s Last Letter sold for $64k

The leader of the British rock group the Beatles, John Lennon last

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

More than 286,000 Moroccans were registered with the Spanish security system

The Spanish Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Social Security reported, that 286,726

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British Home Secretary presents her demission because of an email

The British Home Secretary Suella Braveman, has submitted her demission to Prime

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Meliliia: installation of a new mechanism against identity theft and terrorism

An Automated Entry and Exit System (EES) will be installed at the

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

The French Embassy refuses to return the visa expenses

The French embassy in Morocco, said that the amounts of visa applications

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

Muslim Woman Stabbed to Death in France’s Nantes

A horrific murder of a Muslim woman in France has been making

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

The problem of food security in Africa, is One of Morocco’s priorities to fix

The Sherifian Office of Phosphates, Presented the specific budget to support food

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Morocco on of the top 20 favorite destinations in the world

Many countries agreed that Morocco is one of the top 20 favorite

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