Sonke Gender Justice Applauds Court Decision on Shared Parental Leave

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Sonke Gender Justice Applauds Court Decision on Shared Parental Leave

the Johannesburg High Court has brought a wave of change to parental leave policies, signaling a significant step towards gender equality. The court’s decision, announced this week, allows new parents to share the previously exclusive four months of leave designated for mothers. The ruling also extends its embrace to parents who adopt or have children through surrogacy, ensuring equal leave rights for all.

This transformative judgment challenges the existing legislation that favored mothers while offering limited leave to fathers. While the ruling still awaits confirmation by the Constitutional Court, Sonke Gender Justice, one of the applicants, expresses confidence in the outcome.

Bafana Khumalo, co-executive director of Sonke Gender Justice, highlights the meticulous scrutiny of the current act by the judge, emphasizing its contravention of constitutional provisions related to equality and dignity. Khumalo believes the Constitutional Court is likely to affirm this judgment, reinforcing its significance.

Research conducted by Sonke Gender Justice underscores the broader implications of shared parental leave. When both parents actively participate in their child’s life, there is a decrease in the likelihood of gender-based violence.

Furthermore, the bond between parents and their children positively impacts various aspects of society, including health-seeking behavior and attitudes. As Khumalo puts it, this intervention has the potential to address numerous societal challenges.

The Johannesburg High Court’s ruling not only transforms parental leave policies but also marks a vital stride towards fostering a more equitable and inclusive society, promoting shared responsibilities between parents. This development underscores the broader social benefits of encouraging active fatherhood, ultimately contributing to a healthier and safer community.

As the decision awaits final confirmation, the potential for lasting change in South Africa’s parental leave landscape appears promising.


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