The Balkanisation of Africa, a Threat to the Continent’s Security, Stability and Development

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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The former Senegalese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, has warned that attempts to balkanize and partition Africa are a threat to the continent’s security, stability and development.

Mr. Gadio, who is also President of the Pan-African Institute for Strategy, Peace, Security and Governance (IPS), was presenting a book on Morocco’s foreign policy on Saturday in Dakar, written by Hassan Naciri, HM the King’s ambassador to Senegal.

In this context, Mr. Gadio cited the concrete example of the division of Sudan into two states, regretting that South Sudan, a creation of the international system, particularly the West, is a suffering country with 12 million inhabitants, 300,000 dead already, and 4 million displaced.

While welcoming the development of the Kingdom, “a special country in Africa”, the President of the IPS insisted on Morocco’s commitment to putting an end to the balkanization of the African continent.

The former head of Senegalese diplomacy pointed out that the Kingdom is one of the rare countries in Africa on the threshold of emergence, highlighting the secular nature of the Moroccan state.

Mr. Gadio also noted that the presence of Moroccan diplomacy in Africa has diversified, emphasizing health diplomacy, educational diplomacy, medical diplomacy, and also diplomacy in new technologies.

Jihan Rmili

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