Chad.. Lack of Trust in National Commission for the Organization of the Constitutional Referendum

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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The opposition and certain parties from the presidential movement are demanding that the National Commission for the Organization of the Constitutional Referendum (Conorec) repair the premises and replace or repair a large part of the electoral material, which has been stored in a shelter for two years without any maintenance.

These parties denounce the opacity that surrounds everything that Conorec does and say today that they have lost all “confidence” in its work.

Many Chadian opponents often ask why French company DocTrust based in Dubai was chosen to audit the electoral register, or why Conorec is hiding its audit report. This affair further confirms their suspicions of a commission working in total opacity.

Max Kemkoye is the leader of the opposition party Union of Democrats for Development and Progress (UDP), “The audit recommends in a way the complete renewal of the equipment of the permanent office of elections. At the current stage of things, there is absolutely nothing being done in this direction. Added to this is the chronogram situation which remains a mystery”.

The opposition is not the only one to complain about Conorec, even a party like the Chadian Alliance for Democracy and Development (ATD), which recognizes itself in the presidential movement, denounces a commission that is “controlled by administration”.

Maryam Lahbal

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