What can be the Re-Election cost of the Next President-El Rufay

nour el houda bouzammour
nour el houda bouzammour
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Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufay said tackling fuel subsidies and foreign exchange issues to get Nigeria’s economy back on track could cost Nigeria’s next president a second term. Announced.

El-Rufai made the announcement at a panel at the launch of the Nigeria Development Update and the World Bank’s Country Economic Memorandum in Abuja on Thursday.

Nevertheless, the governor said the country needs such a leader. Beyond his duties, he is able to make painful but necessary decisions to ensure the development of the country’s economy.

On the other hand with the right policies and decisions, the word “possibility” will be removed from the Nigerian vocabulary and (Nigeria) will finally be the country we deserve. According to him

“I think the next president of Nigeria must be ready to make very difficult, immediate and urgent decisions that will haunt the country for perhaps three to five years and reverse its course”. The governor said while answering the removal of fuel subsidy questions

He claimed “We know what President Obasanjo had to do, Nigeria’s next president should be prepared to serve only one term if necessary, but this trend must be reversed. The consensus is there. If 95% of employment comes from the private sector, 90% of GDP will come from the private sector.

“We agreed. What we need is a president willing to spend political capital and risk permanently reversing the course of this country. It could take five years, so even if it comes at the expense of the election.” He answered

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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