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An attack on a mosque in Nigeria leaves dozens dead

A mosque in northern Nigeria on Saturday night was attacked by gunmen,

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Ethiopia: The Tigray forces withdraws 65% of its fighters from the battle lines

A month after the ceasefire agreement in the northern region of Ethiopia,

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

The Mediterranean Dialogue aims to address fundamental issues in the Sahel

Migration, war, climate change and food insecurity were high on the agenda

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

Nigerian Minister: Niger’s position is clear about the Moroccan Sahara

Niger's position on Morocco's Sahara issue is "clear and unambiguous," said Niger's

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

South African corruption scandal opens the way for pro-Morocco opposition to gain more influence in Morocco

South Africa's parliamentary committee has released a report containing compelling evidence of

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir

Battle in the Senegalese parliament because of the president

The Senegalese parliament witnessed a battle on Thursday, between opposition and loyalist

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Mohammed VI congratulates the President of the Central African Republic  

On the occasion of the Central African Republic National day, King Mohammed

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

Senegal: $8 billion in the budget for the health and climate sector

The Senegalese parliament discussed Yesterday, Wednesday, a draft law aimed at directing

Afaf Fahchouch Afaf Fahchouch

CGECI: who is Ahmed Cissé, the new boss of leaders of Côte d’Ivoire

Jean-Marie Ackah is no longer the boss of Ivorian bosses, the Board

Soukaina Sghir Soukaina Sghir