DRC: Opposition Leader Moïse Katumbi Holds Inaugural Rally in Kisangani

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Moïse Katumbi

The second day of the electoral campaign saw several presidential candidates actively engaged in on-the-ground activities. Notably, opposition figure and former governor of Katanga, Moïse Katumbi, held his first major rally in the city center of Kisangani, located in the northeast of the country.

Embarking on a procession from Bangoka Airport, covering over 15 kilometers, Katumbi arrived at Post Square, where thousands of residents and supporters eagerly awaited him. Expressing gratitude to fellow candidates Matata Mponyo, Seth Kikuni, and Frank Diongo, who recently withdrew in his favor, Katumbi expressed hope for additional endorsements.

During his address, Katumbi criticized the Tshisekedi regime, characterizing it as a government of unfulfilled promises. He highlighted the deterioration of the country’s security, economic, and social conditions over the past five years. Katumbi pledged to address insecurity nationwide solely through the Congolese army, without foreign intervention.

Furthermore, he outlined a part of his governance plan, projecting a five-year budget exceeding USD 140 billion. He emphasized the importance of combating corruption and diversifying the economy to realize achievable projects.

In the upcoming stages of the campaign, Katumbi plans to visit other cities in the northeast to appeal for the votes of Congolese citizens. Meanwhile, incumbent President Félix Tshisekedi conducted campaign activities in Kongo-Central, specifically in Moanda and Boma.

Opposition candidate Martin Fayulu, who was unsuccessful in the 2018 elections, continued his tour of Kwilu, the neighboring province, with a stop in Bagata. The electoral landscape remains dynamic as candidates strive to connect with voters and convey their visions for the country’s future.

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