DRC: President Tshisekedi Seeks to Restore Order Within Assembly Majority

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Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi addressed members of his political coalition on the evening of Friday, May 17th, during a significant meeting. Present were not only the elected members of his party, the UDPS but also those from allied factions. The purpose of this gathering was to enforce strict discipline within the majority and to provide clear guidelines for the election of the National Assembly’s bureau members.

In a firm tone, President Tshisekedi spoke to the majority deputies during a closed-door session at the African Union compound, where his offices and official residence are located. According to sources, 406 elected officials attended, including 46 leaders of political groups.

During this initial meeting, the President called for unity and expressed disappointment that, in the previous legislature, some deputies demanded money before voting for or against the legislation. He assured that he would not hesitate to dissolve the National Assembly if such practices continued.

Another critical issue addressed was the management of ambitions to occupy positions within the National Assembly’s bureau. Apart from the role of president of the lower house, secured by Vital Kamerhe through a primary, President Tshisekedi emphasized the need to reconsider the composition of the Union Sacrée’s slate. He highlighted the importance of including women and ensuring representation from the former Oriental Province.

This directive aimed to promote inclusivity and better reflect the diverse makeup of the country. Tshisekedi’s strong stance signals a push towards greater accountability and cohesion within his political ranks as the DRC navigates its legislative challenges.


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