Will Morocco Respond Diplomatically to Qatar’s Ongoing Sahara Provocations?

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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His Majesty King Mohammed VI conveyed yesterday, a written message to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the prince of the State of Qatar, focusing on enhancing bilateral relations between the two fraternal nations and exploring avenues to strengthen and foster their cooperation. This information has been reported by the official Qatar News Agency.

The Kingdom of Morocco is widely regarded as a significant and steadfast ally of the Qatari state. This alliance is exemplified by Morocco’s unwavering stance during the “Khalij blockade” against Qatar, where it exhibited solidarity and provided substantial financial and moral support. The two nations demonstrate a strong bond through their robust diplomatic relations, solid economic agreements, joint projects, and bilateral security cooperation, all of which contribute to fostering a close and cooperative partnership between them.

The pressing question that emerges is, “Why does Qatar persist in engaging in ‘explicit provocations’ against one of its significant allies, which is Morocco? whenever the chance arises for Qatar, it engages in some actions, such as creating a division between the Kingdom and its southern regions, posing a direct and clear threat to Morocco’s sovereignty and national territorial integrity.”

The recent actions by Qatar have reignited the controversy surrounding their stance on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara. Social media activists had previously used the hashtag “Morocco condones_Qatar_persistent” to express their disapproval of the Qatari media’s ambiguous position.

Moroccan activists have recently reiterated their demands, going as far as urging the Moroccan government to take diplomatic measures and sever communications with Qatar. They accuse Qatar of “hypocrisy” and “lack of clarity” and hope to exert pressure on the country to adopt a definitive and resolute position concerning the matter of the Moroccan Sahara. This issue is of paramount importance to all Moroccans, as it holds great significance and is viewed as “the lens through which we perceive the world,” as emphasized by King Mohammed VI.

According to sources speaking to “WEAFRICA24,” there are inquiries regarding the rationale behind the “ambiguity” in Qatar’s position concerning the Sahara issue, as well as the delay in establishing a consulate in Morocco’s southern regions, a step taken by some allied countries. These questions underscore aspects of perceived hypocrisy, given that Qatar claims to support Morocco’s national unity while simultaneously “manipulating” its map in front of a global audience. Such actions have raised concerns and brought attention to the need for clarity and consistency in Qatar’s stance on these critical matters.

The same source emphasized the urgency for Morocco to take resolute and decisive action to halt these provocations, as the matter at hand is a national issue that should not be overlooked. They suggest that Morocco should establish all its relations and partnerships based on a firm alignment with its national interests and patriotic values, thus moving away from any semblance of negative neutrality. By doing so, Morocco can effectively address the challenges it faces and ensure its sovereign concerns are properly addressed in its diplomatic engagements with other nations.

Mouad Boudina

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