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DRC: New ADF-Nalu Attacks Claim 40 Lives in Beni Region

At least 40 civilians have been killed within a week by rebels

Soukaina Soukaina

Ougandan-Congolese Operation Claims Lives of Two ADF Leaders in the DRC

In the ongoing efforts to combat the notorious ADF Nalu terrorist group

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Museveni Urged to Explore Peace Talks for ADF Crisis Beyond Military Approach

In the aftermath of President Museveni's address on the ADF attack in

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Dozens of Hostages Released by ADF Militants in Eastern Congo’s Ituri Region

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have released approximately forty hostages in the

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After the Attack in Uganda, What Consequences for the Fight Against the ADF in the DRC?

ADF fighters attacked a high school on the night of Friday to

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Shocking Massacre at Ugandan School: 20 ‘Collaborators’ Arrested as Investigation Unfolds

In a horrifying incident that has shaken the nation, Ugandan police have

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Libya Condemns Deadly Attack on Ugandan School

On Sunday, the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the "perfidious" attack

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UN chief condemns school attack in Uganda

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned Saturday's deadly attack on a secondary

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The AU strongly condemns the terrorist attack on a school in Uganda

The African Union (AU) has strongly condemned the heinous terrorist attack perpetrated

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President Museveni Announces Over 500 ADF Fighters Eliminated in Joint Operation

President Museveni delivered a significant update during his State of the Nation

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