China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Gains Fresh Impetus

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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The Chinese customs official from Zhuzhou in Hunan, Li Shuming, highlighted the volume of exports to Africa, referring to the Liling Jingtao Ceramic Co. LTD. company based in the city of Liling, which exported 15,408 pieces of ceramic tableware to South Africa, and that this company’s exports to Africa reached 1.26 million dollars last year.

Li Shuming pointed out that the main destinations for Chinese exports of ceramic products are South Africa, Tunisia, and Morocco, adding that ceramic products play an important role in trade between China and Africa.

In recent years, China-Africa economic and trade cooperation has achieved fruitful results. The third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, which runs from 29th June to 2nd July in Changsha, is considered to be one of the most important economic and trade activities between China and African countries this year.

A Chinese businessman who has just returned from Kenya revealed that at the permanent pavilion of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, some flowers and roses come mainly from the Naivasha region in Kenya. These roses arrive in Changsha in barely a day, thanks to the increase in flights between China and Africa and to measures to facilitate customs clearance.

Apart from flowers, a large number of African agricultural products have entered the Chinese market and have been widely approved.

China has remained Africa’s leading trading partner for 13 consecutive years. In 2022, the total volume of imports and exports between China and African countries amounted to around 1,880 billion yuan, an increase of 14.5% on an annual basis.

As part of the 3rd China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, an online shopping festival for quality African products will be held, helping to introduce more quality African products to the Chinese market.

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