Guinea: Press Announces Boycott of Junta if it Does not Remove Restrictions

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Guinean press associations have threatened to boycott all their activities if the junta does not lift restrictions on the dissemination of information, such as limiting internet access.

These organizations representing private television, radio, newspapers, and news websites announced in a statement a “press-free day on Tuesday” and a protest march on 1 June, while describing the government spokesman and Minister of Telecommunications as “the enemy of the Guinean press”.

The restrictions denounced by these organizations take several forms: according to them, the seizure last week of the transmitters of two radio stations belonging to the Afric Vision press group, and the blocking or restriction of access to news websites.

The press organizations also denounce the threats made by the government spokesperson, who said that the authorities would close down any media that contributed “to undermining national unity”.

For his part, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo denied accusations that the authorities were involved in limiting internet access or in the operation against Afric Vision.

It should be noted that since last week, Guinean internet users have been complaining about the difficulty or impossibility of accessing news sites or social networks without a VPN. The restrictions coincided with a new call for demonstrations by the opposition demanding the rapid return of civilians, especially after the junta had several opposition leaders arrested.

Guinea has been ruled since 2021 by the military under the leadership of Colonel Doumbouya. The military has agreed to hand over to elected civilians by the end of 2024 while structural reforms are carried out.

Jihan Rmili

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