DRC: the Tshiani Bill on “Congolity” is Debated in Civil Society

maryam lahbal
maryam lahbal
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The “Tshiani law” bill, proposed by Noël Tshiani Muadiamvita and carried by the national deputy Nsingi Pululu, would like only citizens born of Congolese fathers and mothers to be legitimate to access the highest offices of the State, including the presidency.

“Untimely, neither necessary nor urgent”, is how the Lubumbashi Human Rights Research Institute describes the Tshiani law. For Master Hubert Tshiswaka Masoka, director of this institute, the Tshiani bill contains many contradictions.

“Nsingi Pululu finds that the Tshiani bill is unconstitutional, and he introduces the revision of the Constitution, indicating Maître Hubert Tshiswaka Masoka. And, we point out all these difficulties to him and advise the public that it will be very difficult a few months before the elections, under a state of siege, that we can review the Constitution.»

A “Timely” Law

Several members of civil society took part in this debate, including Delphin Mwanza, spokesperson for the citizens’ movement Biso people.

Delphin Mwanza had another opinion: “For us, the confirmed Congolese, we know very well that this law is very opportune so as not to fall back into what is happening in the country today: the infiltration in all the institutions or almost. ”

Discussions on the Tshiani law are far from over, as the bill has been tabled with the National Assembly, which is to debate it.

Maryam Lahbal

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