Kenya: Pastor Charged with “Terrorism” in The “Shakahola Forest Massacre”

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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After the death of 109 people in a forest in southeastern Kenya, the Kenyan judiciary announced on Tuesday that it would prosecute Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie for “terrorism”. It was in the Shakahola forest that the members of this pastor’s sect were meeting.

Accusers charge Pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie of pushing his followers in his Good News International Church to starve themselves to death “to meet Jesus”. The pastor appeared in a court in Malindi town on Tuesday, along with eight co-accused.

Vivian Kambaga, the prosecutor, transferred him to Mombasa, where a court exists that has the power to manage cases under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Authorities discovered dozens of bodies in the forest at the end of April.

Kenyan President William Ruto promised action against those who “use religion to advance a shady and unacceptable ideology”.

In this case, another pastor, the most famous in the country, Ezekiel Odero, is due to appear in a Mombasa court on Tuesday, to investigate his possible involvement in what has become known as the “Shakahola forest massacre”.

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