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Kenyan Youth Mobilizes Amid Climate Crisis Ahead of COP28

As the African continent grapples with the dire consequences of climate change,

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Devastating Floods Claim 120 Lives in Kenya Amid El Niño Onslaught

The Kenyan government announced on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, that at least

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Kenya Prepares to Privatize 35 State-Owned Enterprises

President William Ruto announced the privatization of 35 state-owned enterprises during the

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Massacre in Shakahola: Prosecutor Identifies 131 of the Child Victims

In a significant development in the investigation into the Shakahola massacre, the

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Kenya’s $6 ID Card Fee Sparks Outcry

The Kenyan government has introduced a fee for national identity cards, which

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Safaricom and Sumitomo Unveil Startup Support Platform in Kenya

Safaricom, a telecommunications company based in Kenya, in collaboration with Sumitomo Corp

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Kenya: King Charles III’s Speech on Colonial Abuses Stirs Debate

During his visit to Kenya until Friday, the British sovereign acknowledged "appalling

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Kenya Upgrades 2023/24 Deficit Forecast to 5.3% – Revised Budget

Kenya has revised its financial projections for the fiscal year 2023/24 (July-June)

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Kenya defends deployment of 1000 police officers to Haiti

The United Nations Security Council approved the deployment of a multinational force

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Kenya: Anti-LGBTQ Protest Organized by Religious Groups

An anti-LGBTQ protest took place on Friday afternoon, in Kenya. Several hundred

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