Rabat: International symposium on the state of narrative in African languages

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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As part of the activities of the Chair of African Literature and Arts, the colloquium on “the invention of writing and the state of narrative in African languages” opened on Wednesday at the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat and will continue until January 20.

The symposium, which is attended by experts, researchers, and professors from several African countries, aims to explore old and new African languages as a means of translating thoughts and community experiences

On this occasion, the perpetual secretary of the Academy of the Kingdom, Abdeljalil Lahjoumri, reviewed the objectives of this symposium and its importance at the African level. He stressed the linguistic diversity in Africa and the need to analyze the ways in which African languages function and how the education system contributes to their standardization.

Other African participants stressed the importance of the meeting in promoting the diversity and linguistic richness of African culture.

Jihan Rmili

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