Tribute Exhibition Honoring Monné Bou, Renowned Ivorian Visual Artist

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An exhibition pays homage to the distinguished visual artist Monné Bou. At 80 years old, with over 50 years of artistic career, this painter is a cornerstone of contemporary art in the country.

Each canvas is crafted using the same technique: spray painting. Monné Bou doesn’t sketch before painting; he stands at a distance and splatters the canvas. Each projection forms dotted patterns, depicting at times children’s figures, at others, landscapes, like “The Rubber Tree Forest.”

The artist first experimented with this technique while studying at the Fine Arts School in Marseille, France: “I did this with Indian ink. When spirits are ill-omened, we mix kaolin and then sprinkle. To chase away evil spirits.”

This exhibition sheds light on Monné Bou’s academic journey, accompanied by a retrospective of his work. Christelle Mangoua, the curator of this exhibition, showcases two other techniques employed by the artist: “We noticed that around the years 1993, 1994, 1995, Monné Bou changed a little bit. He began to depict woven fabrics. As we progressed into the years 2010 to 2020, he ventured into lines, they’re drawings, I think he called them direct writing, and they’re really fine drawings.”


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