Senegal: 20 dead in a new road accident

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senegal accident

A crash between a bus and a truck killed about 20 people Monday in Senegal, where transporters are fighting standards assumed a week earlier after the death of more than 40 people in another accident.

“Another deadly accident on our streets at the doorway to Ngeun Sarr. 19 human lives lost”, tweeted President Macky Sall, before the government adjusted the death toll upwards to get it to 20 dead and 24 injured. , including 19 basses.

A witness interviewed by private radio RFM reported that the bus had swerved to avoid a donkey, one of those many animals that roam on or along the roads in Senegal. The shock occurred near the town of Sakal (north), in the Louga region.

On January 8, it was the bursting of a tire, according to the examination, which had driven the telescoping of two buses in the center of the country. Forty-two people had died, according to a new report.

On the other hand, The accidents mentioned before bring to light the ills of the road well known in Senegal as in many African countries: obsolescence and dangerous layout of vehicles, reckless driving, or even widespread corruption of agents responsible for enforcing laws or passing driving licenses. conduct.

Maryam Lahbal

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