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Fatal Crash in Enugu.. 16 Killed in Bus Accident Near Maduka University

Tragedy struck on Tuesday evening along the Enugu-Opi-Nsukka road as a commercial

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Five-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling from Fence in Lagos

In a heartbreaking incident, a five-year-old boy known as David tragically lost

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Fatal Road Crash Claims 12 Lives, Injures 28 on Zaria-Kano Expressway

Tragedy struck on the Zaria-Kano Expressway as a fatal road crash resulted

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Tragedy Strikes Mali: 31 Lives Lost as Bus Plunges Off Bridge

In a devastating incident on Tuesday, Mali witnessed the loss of thirty-one

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Tragic Bus Crash Claims Lives of Algerian Goalkeeper and Assistant Coach

In a devastating incident, the goalkeeper and assistant coach of MC El

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Tragic Car Accident in Ivory Coast: Two ENS Students Killed in Road Crash

A traffic accident claimed the lives of two orientation inspectors in training

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South Africa: 11 Dead in a Road Accident

South African local authorities announced on Monday that eleven people were killed

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South Africa: Bus and truck crash kills 20

An accident between a tour bus and a cash truck near the

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Benin: establishment of a crisis unit after a deadly road accident

The day after the death of about twenty travelers on Sunday in

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Nigeria: Bus and truck accidents kill 20

Nigerian authorities announced that 20 people, including kids, were killed in two

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