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Senegal: Rejection of Ousmane Sonko’s Presidential Candidacy Caution

Opposition leader Ousmane Sonko faces another setback in the race for the

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Senegalese Startup Champions Waste Recycling

A pioneering startup has been leading the charge in waste recycling for

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NGOs Condemn Unfair Visa Processing for Europe in Senegal

Twenty-seven civil society organizations are calling for the reform of the visa

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Missing: In Senegal, a Journalist Gives Name and Face to the Departed

In Senegal, where the tragedies of clandestine migration make headlines every week,

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Ousmane Sonko’s Presidential Bid Hangs on Two Judicial Decisions

The fate of the main challenger to the Senegalese government, opposition leader

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Moroccan Royal Navy Intercepts Migrant Boats from Senegal

A unit of the Moroccan Royal Navy intercepted three new boats departing

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Senegal: Ministry of Interior Refuses to Register Ousmane Sonko on Electoral Lists

While the electoral commission requested on October 31st that Ousmane Sonko be

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Investigation into the Exhumation and Burning of a Gay Man’s Body in Senegal

A deeply unsettling incident in Senegal, in which a man's body was

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Senegal: Avenue Macky Sall Officially Renamed in Dakar, in the Presence of the President

An avenue in the Plateau district, the central district of Dakar, was

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Senegal: Ban on Political Activities by Touba’s Khalife

In the run-up to the February 2024 presidential elections in Senegal, the

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