DRC: Deadly ‘terrorist’ bomb attack on the church

jihane rmili
jihane rmili
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The authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo have announced that a terrorist attack using an “improvised explosive device” today targeted a Pentecostal church in Kasindi, in North Kivu, a border region with Uganda.

They attributed the deadly attack, which killed and wounded people according to the Ministry of Communication, to a terrorist group close to the Islamic State group, especially as the region has been prey to various such attacks by armed groups for years.

Army spokesman Antony Mualushayi said in a statement that the security services had taken control of the leu and that the wounded had been transferred to medical facilities.

The government condemned the attack in a tweet and pointed the finger at the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a branch of the Islamic State group in Central Africa, adding that the attack targeted citizens and civilians in the midst of religious worship.

The ADF is considered the deadliest of hundreds of groups in eastern DRC. They were placed on the US list of terrorist organizations in 2021.

Jihan Rmili

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