IWA Week 2022: Mohammed V University Wins Six Gold Medals

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Mohammed V University of Rabat (UM5) was among the six gold medals, 12 innovation masters and 2 international awards. Place inventions and innovations.

These distinctions were awarded to Professor Ammor Hassan from Mohamedia School of Engineers (EMI)   and the team (Qanoune Samiya, Baayer Jalal, Saim Mohammed Marouane, Khadiri Mouna, Ait Benali Lahcen, Terhzaz Jaouad and Tribek Abdelwahed, Assabir Abdelmoujoud, Belhaf Lahcen et ASSABIR Abdelkhalek) for there innovation, Indicates the university in a statement.

The projects concern a new intelligent microwave imaging scanner for breast cancer detection, the design of an original miniaturized 4G antenna in microstrip technology for the new generation of mobile telephony minimizing the thermal effect of GSM on the human head, and a new cardiovascular risk assessment and prediction based on machine learning.

Knowing that It is also a quad-frequency micro-band patch antenna for 4G and 5G wireless communications. which is a digital technique that electromagnetically characterizes liquids in microwaves and identifies users based on the visible light present in ATMs, specified by the same source.

In addition to the medals, Mohammed V, Rector of the University of Rabat, Mohammed His Rhachi received the International Award for Excellence in Innovation and Leadership, and Hassan Ammor, Director of the Center for Innovation and Technology (EMI), received the International Award. Awarded. “Best Innovation Ecosystem”.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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