What are the main motives for boycotting “Total”?


Maha Ftiri
Maha Ftiri
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The “Moroccan Federation of Consumer Protection Associations” called for a boycott of the products of the French company “Total” stations.

The Moroccan Federation criticized in a statement, what it called “the racist, exclusionary and aggressive scenario pursued by the French consulates against Moroccan citizens by depriving them of visas and appropriating the sums extracted from them without returning them to their owners, in flagrant violation of all international principles and rights.”

On the other hand, The union explained that Moroccan consumers are living alongside the “visa crisis”, “a second tragedy represented in their sale of corrupt fuels by a French fuel company bearing the trade name “Total”, which caused the breakdown of their cars, and the losses and financial damage they caused, the fuel company refused. “Total” for their compensation.

The union called on Moroccan consumers to confront this behavior that contradicts the interests of Moroccans, as well as “to boycott the products of all fuel stations bearing the brand name “Total” and “to prepare to boycott other French products in the near future.”

 Maha Ftiri

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