Morocco Faces Escalating Cybersecurity Challenges: Government Data Reveals Surge in Cyber Attacks

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Morocco Faces Escalating Cybersecurity Challenges: Government Data Reveals Surge in Cyber Attacks

Official figures for the year 2023 exposed a notable surge in cyber attacks targeting Morocco, according to Abdelatif Loudiyi, the Minister Delegate for National Defense. During an extensive review of the accomplishments for the fiscal year, presented to the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee, Islamic Affairs, and Moroccans Residing Abroad, Loudiyi shed light on the endeavors of the General Directorate of Information Systems Security in addressing and mitigating cyber threats.

At the forefront of this battle is the Cybersecurity Monitoring and Response Center, operated by the General Directorate, which has been actively engaged in the provision of cybersecurity. The center’s interventions extend beyond incident response to include a proactive approach to raising awareness through the issuance of security bulletins and alerts. These crucial notifications are distributed to information system officials across the spectrum to keep them abreast of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Loudiyi highlighted that a comprehensive total of 464 security bulletins and memos were disseminated, with 133 deemed critical. This robust initiative serves the dual purpose of updating the systems of various entities and fortifying their resilience against evolving cyber threats.

In tandem with these initiatives, the General Directorate conducted meticulous assessments of 56 applications, ensuring the identification of vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications and information systems. This preemptive measure is designed to fortify the digital landscape, guaranteeing secure digital services for citizens and preempting potential security loopholes before they become exploitable.

Delving into incident response, Loudiyi outlined the center’s approach, emphasizing thorough analyses and technical investigations to ascertain the nature of cyber incidents and vulnerabilities. Despite processing 150 incidents in 2023, specific details regarding the targeted entities and the precise nature of the incidents were not disclosed.

The General Directorate has been instrumental not only in incident response and threat mitigation but also in fortifying the expertise and capabilities of specialized human resources in the realm of cybersecurity. It has organized a series of awareness sessions, seminars, and workshops, facilitated by both national and international experts. These initiatives are geared towards addressing the evolving challenges posed by cybersecurity threats.


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