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Niger: World Bank Resumes Funding After July Coup Suspension

The World Bank announced on Friday, May 17th, that it will resume

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World Bank Halts Funding for Tanzania Tourism Project Amid Human Rights Concerns

The World Bank has announced the suspension of funding for a tourism

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World Bank and AfDB Commit to Bringing Electricity to 300 Million Africans

Addressing the issue of expanding electricity coverage in Africa takes center stage

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DRC: Underserved Areas Await State Investment in Telecommunications

Only a quarter of the Congolese territory is covered by modern technologies,

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World Bank Investigates Human Rights Violations in $150 Million Tanzania Project

The World Bank has initiated an investigation into alleged human rights violations

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World Bank Resumes Cooperation with Gabon

The announcement of the resumption of programs with the World Bank, suspended

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After Marrakech 2023: Will IMF, World Bank Deliver on Needed Reform? – OpinionĀ 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank's 2023 annual summit of

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IMF and World Bank Seek to Encourage Private Investments in Africa

The inadequacy of funding for projects and businesses in Africa is a

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World Bank Approves $1 Billion to Enhance Security in Lake Chad Region

The World Bank has granted one billion dollars to bolster resilience and

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World Bank: Nigeria’s Reforms to Yield $5.1 Billion in Savings This Year

According to the World Bank's recent report on Nigeria, the country stands

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