World Bank Resumes Cooperation with Gabon

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The announcement of the resumption of programs with the World Bank, suspended since the coup d’état, came through a tweet from the Gabonese Ministry of Communication. While lacking in specific details, authorities confirm the reinstatement of disbursements from the organization to support Gabon.

The formalization of the renewed cooperation between the World Bank and Gabon was conveyed through an official letter dated December 11. The correspondence outlines that disbursements will soon recommence, with the Director of Operations and his team having recently traveled to Libreville to address technical details.

This decision follows proactive efforts by Gabonese authorities, characterized by a “demonstrated transparency,” according to an individual closely monitoring the situation. Contacts were initially established in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September, followed by a visit from a World Bank team to Gabon in October. According to witnesses, World Bank personnel were granted access to various government departments during their visit.

During a visit to Paris earlier this month, Charles M’Ba, Minister of Public Accounts, affirmed that relations were indeed “cordial” and underscored Gabon’s commitment to diligently address the country’s economic recovery.

The World Bank’s portfolio in Gabon currently comprises five projects, representing a commitment of over 250 million dollars. Additional projects may soon come under the institution’s scrutiny for further consideration.

Soukaina Sghir

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