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EU: Will Ursula von der Leyen Be Reappointed as European Commission President?

In a matter of hours, Ursula von der Leyen will learn if

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UK Seeks to Rebuild EU Relations at European Political Community Summit

European heads of state and government will gather in the United Kingdom

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EU Fails to Agree on Special Envoy over Eastern DRC Conflict

Foreign Ministers from the European Union met in Luxembourg to address one

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Taxing Chinese Electric Vehicles “Would Be Detrimental” to the European Union, Claims Beijing

China came out strongly on Wednesday, June 12th, against the European Union's,

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EU Issues Formal Warning to Senegal Over Illegal Fishing Practices

The European Union has issued a formal "yellow card" to Senegal on

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Central African Republic: EU Boosts Funding for Upcoming Municipal Elections

The EU has committed to partially funding the municipal elections scheduled for

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South Sudan: Concerns Raised by Donor Countries Over Taxes on Humanitarian Operations

The authorities in South Sudan have been called out by a group

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Non-Binding Joint Declaration Between Mauritania and the EU on Migration

A joint declaration was released by the European Union (EU) and Nouakchott,

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Mauritania Prepares to Sign Agreement with EU to Combat Illegal Immigration

The issue was the subject of discussion during a cabinet meeting in

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EU Watchdogs Raise Concerns Over Meta’s Ad-Free Subscription Model

European Union watchdogs have raised significant concerns regarding tech giant Meta's ad-free

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