EU Announces €210 Million Partnership with Mauritania for Migration Management

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In a landmark visit to Mauritania, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez embarked on a crucial mission to strengthen ties with the country across various fronts. From ecological transition to security, the focus extended prominently to migration management.

Throughout the day, the streets of the capital were adorned with flags of the European Union and Spain, underscored by robust security arrangements, signifying the significance of the occasion.

At the core of this official visit lay a multifaceted agenda: enhancing cooperation with Mauritania in the development of green hydrogen through harnessing renewable energies, fortifying security measures to combat terrorism, and addressing migration challenges.

Mauritania, a haven for thousands of Malian refugees fleeing recent turmoil, also serves as a transit and departure point for West African migrants embarking on perilous journeys toward the Canary Islands via the Atlantic route.

The European Union aims to exert control over this migratory flux by intervening upstream. “I wish to emphasize your commitment to rescuing migrants undertaking the perilous Atlantic route, one of the most treacherous journeys globally. The European Union and Mauritania must bolster their cooperation in this domain, alongside border management, returns, and refugee assistance,” asserted the President of the Commission.

Partnership Efforts

In this regard, the Spanish Prime Minister echoed the importance of cooperation between Mauritania and Spain, both grappling with migratory pressures. Since 2022, a joint operational partnership has been in effect in Mauritania, aimed at combating illicit migrant trafficking and irregular immigration.

By year-end, €210 million is slated to be allocated to Mauritania for migration management, bolstering humanitarian aid, and fostering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) projects targeting youth and women.

This significant investment underscores the commitment of the European Union to collaborate with Mauritania in addressing migration challenges comprehensively while fostering sustainable development and socio-economic empowerment within the region.

Soukaina Sghir

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