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Ethiopia: Sudanese Refugees Protest Attacks in Their Camps

Nearly 50,000 Sudanese have fled the war in Ethiopia, with half of

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Ethiopian Orthodox Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday with Traditional Festivities

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrated Palm Sunday on April 28 at the Entoto

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Ethiopia: International Appeal for Contributions to Address Humanitarian Crisis

A call for contributions to address the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia was

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Ethiopia: French Journalist Imprisoned, Accused of “Conspiring to Create Chaos”

Indigo Publications, a press group, has condemned the unjustified detention of its

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Deadly Airstrike Claims Lives of Civilians in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region

In a tragic turn of events, an airstrike in Ethiopia's Amhara region

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Ethiopia: “At Least 45 Civilians” Executed by Security Forces on January 29

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has condemned the Ethiopian government forces

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Ethiopia-Somaliland Accord.. Somalia Calls on AU to Take a Stand

Recently signed in early January, the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland grants

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Ethiopia: Chief of Intelligence Services Becomes New Vice Prime Minister

Ethiopian lawmakers on Thursday approved the appointment of the head of Ethiopian

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Ethiopia Takes Bold Step Towards Sustainable Transport by Banning Gasoline Cars

In a bold move, the Ethiopian government has issued a sweeping ban

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Somaliland Accord Spurs Somali President’s Ongoing Diplomatic Offensive

One week after the announcement of an agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland,

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