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Taxing Chinese Electric Vehicles “Would Be Detrimental” to the European Union, Claims Beijing

China came out strongly on Wednesday, June 12th, against the European Union's,

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Mali’s Goulamina Lithium Mine.. Chinese Firm Ganfeng to Spearhead Production Deal

In a significant development, Mali's transitional authorities announced on May 14th, 2024,

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Niger State Governor Pursues Railway Partnership with China

Governor Umaru Bago of Niger State convened a meeting with a delegation

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DR Congo Revisits Mining Deal with Chinese Firms to Address Loopholes

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has reevaluated a controversial mining agreement

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Chinese Foreign Minister Embarks on Annual New Year Tour Across Africa

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will embark on his traditional tour of

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Chinese Foreign Minister Embarks on African Diplomatic Voyage, Expanding Global Footprint

In a strategic diplomatic move, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is set

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Devastating Earthquake Strikes Northwest China, Claiming 118 Lives and Injuring Hundreds

In the aftermath of China's most deadly earthquake in years, rescue efforts

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China Urges Equitable Burden-Sharing in Zambia’s Debt Restructuring

China has urged additional creditors of Zambia to bear an equitable share

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Pursuing a Stable US-China Relationship

In an unusual visit to Washington, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized

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China: Situation in Gaza “Extremely Serious”

Chinese state media reported on Monday, citing China's special envoy to the

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