Ivory Coast: Heavy Rains Cause Fatalities and Significant Damage

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Torrential rains in the southeastern regions, including the District of Abidjan, Sud-Comoé, and La Mé, have resulted in the deaths of eight individuals, according to the firefighters’ brigade. Eighteen people have been hospitalized.

The meteorological agency, Sodexam, has placed these regions under an orange alert. In Abidjan, rising waters have paralyzed traffic and disrupted various activities over the past two days, notably in areas such as “9 Kilos” in the Cocody commune.

With a traditional broom in hand, Elisée is seen sweeping water out of her flooded hair salon. Every year, this young woman faces the same devastation. “Whenever the rain is heavy, it’s always like this! People stop coming out, we can’t work anymore… We just endure it!” she laments.

Local residents report that during the heavy downpours, the drainage systems were overwhelmed. The waters rose quickly, reaching significant heights and sweeping away several vehicles.

Yacouba, who had constructed a wall to protect his computer shop, found his efforts futile. “The water rose about 1.3 meters inside the shop… Today, it’s the worst it’s ever been. We have no choice but to consider moving!” he exclaimed.

Nearby, Martial surveys the damage to his small restaurant. For him, the losses are substantial.

Over the course of two days, the firefighters have conducted 40 rescue operations in the District of Abidjan.

The impact of these rains highlights the urgent need for improved infrastructure and preparedness to mitigate such recurring disasters. As the community grapples with the aftermath, the resilience and adaptability of the Ivorian people remain their strongest asset in facing the challenges posed by the climate.


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