Gabon: Political Thunderclap Following the Removal of Ali Bongo

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A significant upheaval has occurred within the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG). The former ruling party, established 56 years ago, ousted Ali Bongo from its presidency on Friday, March 8th. Additionally, Ali Bongo’s mother, Patience Dabany, has been expelled. A new directorate has been appointed.

This move represents a political thunderclap in Gabon, following the coup d’√©tat on August 30 and the seizure of power by General Oligui Nguema. However, signs were already indicating a shift in the political landscape.

Many had sensed an impending shake-up. For several months, with a paralyzed PDG, its president confined to his residence, and the Gabonese population expressing rejection of the Bongo era, some considered the party to be on the brink of collapse.


During recent gatherings, party members reportedly called for a breakaway from the Ali Bongo era and the governance of his time. The leadership began discussing a return to the values embodied by Ali Bongo’s father, Omar Bongo. Visuals of the former president began to emerge.

The recent statement by Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nze a few days ago seemed to add fuel to the fire. In a statement reminiscent of an electric shock, the former Prime Minister called for a recognition of the vacancy at the party’s helm and the appointment of a new directorate.

Behind the internal revolution, some also see the hand of the military. On Friday, March 8, the party leadership suddenly delayed the announcement of the new team and was absent. Some claim that PDG officials went to the presidency to consult with General Oligui Nguema.


In any case, Patience Dabany was promptly expelled from the party. Several sources suggest that she paid the price for her verbal attacks against the general, accusing him of keeping her son captive. “Her outrage led to her humiliation. She was in the room when her expulsion was announced,” a participant confides.

The PDG seems determined to break away from the increasingly challenging Ali Bongo era to navigate through.


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