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Controversy Surrounds Detention Conditions of Former President Bongo’s Wife and Son in Gabon

The detention conditions of the former Gabonese first lady and her son

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Patience Dabany Reunites with Son Ali Bongo in First Visit Since Coup

In Gabon, Patience Dabany, the mother of Ali Bongo, was granted permission

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Gabon: Former First Lady Sylvia Bongo Charged with Money Laundering

In a major development in Gabon, on Friday, September 29, 2023, nearly

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Double Lawsuit Filed Against Former Gabonese Presidential Couple, Ali and Sylvia Bongo

In late August, the regime was overthrown in a military coup. Since

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Gabon: Former Minister of Water and Forests, Lee White, Arrested

The arrests of former ministers from the era of Ali Bongo, who

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Colonel Brice Nguema Assumes Leadership in Gabon Following Military Transition

In the aftermath of a military intervention on Wednesday, Colonel Brice Clotaire

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First Appearance of Detained Gabonese President

Ali Bongo, the President of Gabon, made his first appearance from his

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High-ranking Gabonese Military Officers Reveal President Ali Bongo’s Status

In a dramatic turn of events, senior officers of the Gabonese army

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Gabon Elections: Voting Commencement Disrupted by Widespread Delays in the Capital

In Gabon, approximately 847,000 registered voters are summoned to the polls this

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Opposition Leader Albert Ondo Ossa Challenges President Ali Bongo in Gabon’s Historic Multi-Election Day

In a historic moment for Gabon, the nation's citizens are preparing to

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