Senegal: Amnesty Law Adopted in Cabinet Meeting

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amnesty law

The amnesty law was passed during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday evening. It was proposed last Monday during the opening of the national dialogue initiated by President Macky Sall to find a way out of the crisis that has gripped the country since the announcement of the postponement of the presidential election by the head of state.

President Macky Sall had announced it: the general amnesty law for “acts related to political demonstrations” since 2021 has been adopted in a cabinet meeting. During these days of protests, hundreds of people were arrested, dozens died, and significant material damage was caused.

However, before coming into effect, this law must still be voted on in the National Assembly. No date has been announced for this. This law, aimed at appeasement, does not, in any case, enjoy unanimous support, neither in the opposition camp nor in the majority camp.

National Dialogue

During the cabinet meeting, the President of Senegal also announced that he will receive the report from the national dialogue at an audience scheduled for Monday, March 4, and then he will refer the recommendations of the dialogue to the Constitutional Council for its opinion.

A presidential election on June 2nd, an open list for additional candidacies, President Macky Sall continuing at the helm until the election of his successor… These are just some of the proposals from the national dialogue boycotted by 17 out of the 19 candidates approved by the Constitutional Council. Most of them have approached the seven wise men, accusing Macky Sall of taking “dilatory” actions “to avoid setting a date for the election.”


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