Senegal: National Dialogue Recommends First Round of Presidential Election on June 2nd

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The technical committees of the national dialogue, initiated by President Macky Sall to navigate the current crisis, have concluded their deliberations in Diamniadio, approximately thirty kilometers from Dakar.

Among the highly scrutinized topics is the rescheduling of the presidential election, whose postponement was invalidated by the Constitutional Council. The primary recommendation emerging from these discussions is to hold the first round of the presidential election on June 2nd.

Additionally, the commission proposed retaining the list of 19 candidates validated by the Constitutional Council, with the possibility of reexamining the applications of rejected or purportedly disenfranchised candidates for potential inclusion. This measure could pave the way for Karim Wade’s candidacy.

The status of opposition candidate Ousmane Sonko remains uncertain, pending his potential release under the amnesty bill announced by President Macky Sall on Monday.

Furthermore, the dialogue’s latest proposal is to allow President Macky Sall to oversee the transition period after his term ends on April 2nd until the election of his successor.

These recommendations will be submitted to the head of state, who must issue a presidential decree to convene the electorate. President Macky Sall has pledged to refer the decision to the Constitutional Council for validation. The council will also review proposals regarding the possibility of opening the candidate list to new entries and extending the incumbent president’s tenure until the election of his successor.


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