Senegal: Calls for Election Date and Political Dialogue

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In Senegal, the group Aar sunu élection (“Protect our election”), which opposes the postponement of the presidential election originally scheduled for February 25, has called for a nationwide “dead city” day and a general strike on February 27, 2024. The movement has seen limited participation in Dakar at midday.

The civil society in Senegal is striving to maintain pressure to demand the departure of President Macky Sall no later than April 2, the end date of his mandate.

The Aar sunu élection platform had announced a dead city day across the country today along with a general strike. However, the outcome has been mixed at midday. In the downtown area and markets this morning, activities are proceeding as usual, with heavy traffic, open businesses, and active market stalls.

The objectives of the general strike are to “protest against the usurpation of popular will by Macky Sall and to urge the president to promptly set a new election date before April 2.”

It is important to note that not all unions are aligned on this issue. Major organizations, such as the National Union of Merchants and Industrialists of Senegal (Unacois), representing traders and industrialists, do not support the strike and emphasize their support for dialogue.

Meanwhile, the dialogue initiated by Macky Sall is ongoing in parallel on Tuesday to determine a new election date, despite the absence of numerous participating organizations and validated candidates for the election originally scheduled for February 25. The participants are expected to present their conclusions to the president later today.


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